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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Ignore the prank reviews, this is one outstanding pedal at an absolute steal of a price - and this comes from one who has always been dubious about Digitech products. I've also owned a Tubescreamer and a Fulltone Fulldrive. This little green box covers most bases that these do and at a ridiculously low price. Those who've shelled out for one of the above overpriced and over-rated pieces of kit must be as sick as a parrot. Hey! Maybe that's why the prank reviews are turning up! Anyway, I use a Trace Elliot Speed Twin 50 watt all valve combo Fender US Strat and Tele, Hamer Special, Ibanez AM70 and a Yamaha AES 620 and it sounds outstanding with all of them. Lots of adjustments with the improved tone controls - way better than the Tubescreamer, but not for those looking for screaming distortion. It sounded a little noisy into a transistor amp I tried, but was a quiet as a church mouse into the Trace.


Come the nuclear holocaust, only two things will survive, cockroaches and the Bad Monkey pedal. Solid cast metal. You'd have to try very hard to break it.

General Comments

Do yourself a favour and buy one. They are so cheap, even if you decide it's not for you, you can stick it on eBay and still get most of your money back. Must be in the running for Pedal of the Year or possibly a future classic.

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