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Sound Quality

After 40 years of playing and after having dropped a lot of bread on "name" guitars, I simplified down to an SX alder-bodied strat and a Turser "jazz" JT-134TS. I alos recently reconditioned my '65 Burns Nu-Sonic. All three of those guitars sound great through this amp. I play mostly on the clean channel with the reverb up to about 5.5 to 6. Anything past that and it gets too "wonky". The Turser has 2 humbuckers, the SX has 3 single coils. The Burns has the original nu-sonic single-coil pup in the neck , but I replaced the cacked-out bridge pup with a P-90. So, as long as I tweak the EQ for each guitar's pup config, the amp sounds great. I never turn the amp up past 5, so I don't know about any distortion, break-up, etc at high levels. Keep the reverb at a decent level, and same with the chorus (chorus can get very "phasy/wonky" if its speed is set too high) and this amp will do the job.


From everything I've read, these amps are supposedly built like tanks and take all kinds of abuse. I had another of these GX-30M's, though, that must have slipped through quality control, because any movement of the amp or tweaking any of the knobs or swtiches caused it to distort and crap out. Fortunately, I know a bit about electronics and after taking it apart, found a few poor ("cold") solder joints. After re-soldering them, the amp worked fine. I dealt it off because I got away from electric guitars for a while. But the urge came back so I bought another one.

General Comments

Like I said before, I've been playing for 40 years. I've played a lot of tube and solid-state amps. I no longer gig professionally but mostly play at home or jam the blues with a couple of guitar playing buddies. This amp is portable and has the warm sound of a vintage tube amp with the added reliability of the solid-state circuitry. I have a Crate MX-15R that I often use late at night, with headphones, when I don't feel like moving the GX-30M from one room to another. I also have an all-tube point-to-point wired Gibson GA-16T clone (I built it with a little help from a couple of friends) which I use when I get on a nostalgia trip. It honks!

Anyway, if this GX-30M were stolen, I'd shop for another one (on ebay) because unlike so many solid-state amps, this one really has that warmth and depth of sound you usually only find in the vintage Fender, Gibson, Harmony etc. tube amps and for the money I paid, is loaded with features. Find one used for anywhere under $100 and you can't go wrong.

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