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Sound Quality

Everyone's comparing this to the Metal Zone, since they both have the word Metal in them. But I tried both and they are totally different. The Hyper Metal is much thicker sounding and heavy. Metal Zone gives better crunch. I also tried the early Boss Heavy Metal and the Hyper Metal sounds about the same. Hey, Eric Clapton even used a Boss Heavy Metal pedal live in the 80's, can you believe it? The Hyper Metal is a great booster pedal for solos, it makes the sound stand out, heavier, and just louder, and that's how Clapton used the Heavy Metal too, I think. Overall, this has great sound, and it's not limited to just Metal. You can play very heavy blues with this too, like Hendrix or Cream.


General Comments

I play blues. The Hyper Metal really fits in my style, if ever I want to play heavy. Very smooth sounding also. A very different kind of booster from what you get on the TS-808, for example. If you're thinking of getting the Metal Zone, why not try this one out too?

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