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Sound Quality

first I had 2101>Hafler G300>marshall cabs 75w Celestions. Then I bought Marshall 9200 w 5881s (sound was starting to come around) Then I found the Mesa/Boggie Tri-axis. I got tired of programing, and serching for something that just wasn't there. It took me away from what it is all about! PLAYING! Don't take this wrong, the 2101 is a great unit, but to me it's not the real thing. Pure analog is the ONLY way to go. If I'm going to use digital effects I want the effect to be transparent. These A/D D/A converters just don't cut it! It is more than obviouse when I run the Tri-axis through effects return and then into amp (one effected channel,one dry) My amp now is a M/B Simulclass 2-90. I do like the Grunge distortion though, it sounds alot like Randy Rhoads, with midrange scoop.


My foot controller did go out on me, and I did send it in. It cost me around $150 for repairs. They were pretty friendly and the turn around was reasonable.

General Comments

Well, I think for some this might be the "Cats Meow", but for me I out grew it. I play on a PRS Custom 22, Fender American Deluxe w/Maple neck and Texas Specials through Mesa/Boggie and Marshall cabs. This just can't be touched. The sensativity of the strings is not comparable, the sound is far better, and I get to play without the hassle of changing the programs because I can't get what I want. If I were just starting out and looking for something, I would just get Marshall 2000 series combo amp. Like 60w. and build from there. or Mesa/Boogie rectifier combo. That way you already have your tone quality. and you will not outgrow, you will grow into. I wish someone would of told me that. I would of saved myself a LOT of time and money!!! Then later You can get an effects procesor than has high quality A/D D/A converters, like T.C. electronics. All this for the same cost of 2101-2120>Amplifier>speaker cabs. If your allready running a Combo or head you waisting your cash!

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