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Sound Quality

This unit sounded very good for the price back in 1988! There wasn't much around that offered up to 4 simultaneous effects at once. I used it with my Spirit Folio Mixer and Tascam 424 4 track recorder. It was a noisy unit compared to my Alesis Midiverb IV but to be honest, I loved the sound of this baby!!!! Whilst it's reverbs, choruses, etc were not clean or pristine, they really OOZED CHARACTER that's for sure! I liked the reverbs and whilst I didn't use them for vocals, they sounded really nice on acoustic and electric guitars. As a matter of fact, I particularly loved the 'guitar' presets in the thing and often ran the aux outputs from my Korg T3EX through the unit to get some WILD guitar and synth lead sounds! The delays were fantastic. I also liked the chorus and flange effects but the phaser didn't do much for me. And to be honest the leslie simulation sounded SHITHOUSE! The sampling function was gimmicky but I certainly had fun annoying the neighbours with it. I also liked to play around with the resonators. As others have already mentioned, the EQ's were crap.


My LCD screen died once but I got it repaired under warranty and it never failed me after that.

General Comments

Unfortunately I traded mine in (along with an Alesis Midiverb IV) when I bought my (beautiful) Yamaha O3D mixer. I would one day like to buy another one back as I do miss it believe it or not! It is DEFINETLY NOT a clean sounding unit! But that is what I LOVED about it! I hate the fact that it had an external power supply- THESE {censored} ME!!!!!! I compared it to the Digitech TSR12 which was it's main competition at the time and whilst I liked both, I bought the Quadraverb because I got a much better deal on it!!!! It inspired me to make music, especially in my 4 track recorder days. I want another Alesis Quadraverb Plus!

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