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Sound Quality

Sounds great, with the only exception that it doesn't add sustain to the notes very much (which I think I've read in other reviews).


Two weeks after I bought it the red 7 segment display starting acting up and I took it in to the store for repair. They sent it out for repair and after 8 to 10 weeks they ended up giving me my money back as it looked like it was never going to come back. Makes me feel like multi-effects boxes are disposable items after the warrany is up. Took the money and bought an amp instead as at least they are repairable.

General Comments

I don't own it any more as they gave me the option of cash/new unit after they took so long and did not return the original unit and hey, after that long a repair time, I took that cash.


I found it to be a lot of fun and sounded great.

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