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Sound Quality

The effects are pretty good. They are very warm for digital.


I got it used, I have had it for about two years without probelm.


General Comments

If you find one of these for under sixty, get it; I use this a lot. Its fun to fool with, works well with recording. The main feature that I like is: you don't have to buy a midi foot controller. They sell a cheap analog, three switch foot pedal. You can get it at most online music dealers. This will allow you to switch between a few effects. As I said before, its fun to fool with, make strange or goofy noise with. If you are recording, try it on vocals, guitars, bass, anything; hook it up to your phone, call friends, hours of fun.

If it were lost or stolen I would get anouther if it were under sixty. This isn't desireable vintage gear so I wouldnt pay an arm and a leg for it.

Reviewer's Background

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