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Sound Quality

alrighty...uh...where to begin...it lacked about all of the high end anything that makes noise should have. the bass response on it was quite interesting and...dont get me started on the mids. the tone knob seemed to do absolutely nothing. well...maybe a little something, but not enough to make you say "ooh...look at that...". the drive was nearly useless as well. ive played some pretty good tube amps in my day, and let me tell you, this thing sure aint no Orange. i have a lot of respect for DOD. truely i do. but this pedal was just plain bad. it was very thin sounding, and lacked true tube tone, which can be described almost as a "green" type of sound to me. this pedal sounded "red", like the color of it. it was somewhat harsh, and non musical. what a waste of money, and time.


like a tank it was...should have gutted it and put money inside. i have an old boss MT (digital metalizer, which i found when i was a wee lad and made the mistake of opening it when i was only a week experienced with guitars, i was a dumb kid!). they make mean piggy banks, i tell ya that!

General Comments

i play metal and blues. im sure theres alot of people that claim they play those two, and like bands like Ratt and Stevie Wonder. i like Iron Maiden, Megadeth, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. SRV is my biggest influence right now. (for pickups, check out EMG DG20, david gilmours pickups, theyre really nice!).i bought this pedal...about 7 years ago. at the time i think i was in 8th grade. i sold it when i was an early sophmore. man that was a great sandwich! I own an SLP, a Rock Amp Studio Lead (try finding one in your part of the country, bet you wont.), fender bassbreaker and a bunch of cabs, from crate to marshall. i own a modded ds1, mxr dist. + (before dunlop bought em out),r28 modded MXR Phase 90, teese wah, DOD chorus, and a DOD Inergrated Tube (if you ever find one, forget the price, just buy it. i assure you it will be worth every penny!!!!). i only own 2 custom guitars. my custom Gibson-Strat (with emg dg20), and an american made BC Rich, (screamin demon at bridge, jazz at neck). i only own two, because they both give me every sound i could ever ask for. from santana, to srv, to the three amigos (iron maiden). satch too, when im in a shred mood. it didnt help make any music...although, i think i did gig with it once. when i was in 8th grade, i think it was a talent show. we did good, but i think i was running it through a digitech rp200. im not sure what happened to that...broke i think. anywho, dont bother buying this pedal unless you like just taking them apart to look at em. this pedal was a waste of my money indeed, and made me feel like an idiot actually having it in my pedal chain. made me look cheap and dumb.

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