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Sound Quality

Awesome? Is that even enough to say? I'm use to a Zoom 510 through a Crate G600XL head and the tone (until I got the GE-7) sounded ok to me. Once I plugged in the GE-7 and used a factory suggested setting for metal is when I realized how crapped my tone really was. I can't even use my stuff without the GE-7.


This think was sent to Iraq and it was actually this GE-7 that kicked Saddam's ass. Not really, but this little F'er is a TANK! Like all Boss pedals, if the warranty ran out and I was stuck with it, it would make a nice projectile to throw as a Boss rep.

General Comments

Even if you can find one used for $45 BUY IT! It shaped my sound and made me realize how bad my equipment sounded!

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