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Sound Quality

This might be a little harsh, but Ive heard better music come out of barbara streisand than this piece. Now distortion pedals can and are a little noisy at times, but this red devil just takes that to a new level. When Im switching in a song from clean to the distortion pedal, it sounds like the transition from elton john to metalica. this is the loudest pedal ive ever heard. As far as circiutry and looping, it screwed up my whole board, its a fuzz pedal on and off. IT SUCKS


If theres one thing about this, its dependable. Trust me ive thrown it at walls, ground, and people. The jack came loose once but im begging to notice that about every musical piece, amps and guitars included.

General Comments

I play 90's pop/alternative/grunge (goo goo dolls, matchbox, dishwalla, silverchair) NOT FOR THIS USE. I can get a nice Clapton sunshine of my life/cocaine sound if, and that is "if" you choose to even attempt that. If it were stolen, id track down the theif and give him 5 dollars. MY ADVICE: BOSS METAL ZONE IS ABOUT 20 DOLLARS MORE, STOP BEING A CHEAP ASS AND PUT YOUR MONEY INTO SOMETHING GREAT, READ THE REVIEW FOR IT, ITS NOT A 2 LIKE THIS P.O.S. BOSS IS WHERE ITS AT, NOT DOD, WHAT THE HELL IS A DOD ANYWHO, WOULD U RATHER BE A DOD, OR A BOSS...

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