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Sound Quality

I play a Epiphone Sheraton II and it is difficult to make her sound like crap. Mainly I play the blues and some rock stuff, and I think this amp handles that fairly well. As for noise, mine will be just a little noisy on the clean channel, but sometimes very quiet. Concerning the chorus, if I turn the rate up all the way I get this weird, out-of-tune, springy sound. And the chorus isn't good for much anyway. The versatility of the clean channel is decent. I can get the reverb and tone just how I want it. I haven't cranked it that loud so no word on the break up of the clean channel. As for the distortion, I find it passable. With the gain all the way up it's decent, but I can't get much of a range of sounds from it. Overall, the sounds are good for an entry level/practice amp.


My brother had a Crate which lasted a long time. My own seems to be pretty darn sturdy.

General Comments

I have been playing a few years and this is my first step up from a tiny little practice amp. I enjoy it and plan to keep it for a few years. If it were stolen, I would buy something else. I chose this amp mainly because of the price. I think you can definitely do better for under $300. I tried some Fenders with the same basic features but they didn't come close in price, nor was the price difference justified by the sound difference. I would recommend this amp as a great beginner's amp.

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