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Sound Quality

I'm using a les paul custom from 1979, and a new sg special. It sounds great, I might get a seperate eq though so I can have a little more control over it. I play in a hard rock band that does some jazz break downs here and there and this amp treats me good, I'm very happy with it.


The buttons and jacks are cheap, I've already broken alot of the plastic, and I really never did like the way marshall electronics are made, but I'm really just hoping this one was made better than most of the other amps by marshall. No problems yet, and mines about 5 years old.

General Comments

I've been playing for about 8 years, im 18 years old. This is actually one piece of gear I'd actually replace if I had to. I dont rate everything I own with high scores either, in my opoinion the jmp-1 really does deserve an 8.

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