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Sound Quality

The guitar. My music preference varies. Sometimes I like classic and hard rock, sometimes I like blues and sometimes I like country and even have my heavy metal moods. The guitar handles all of those styles just fine. Bright at the bridge pickup, dark at the neck pickup, everyplace else in the middle. Basically you can play any type of music with this guitar. The amp. Well, if you are into heavy metal, this amp is not going to be for you, although if you keep the volume low, you can do some sabbath on it and zeppelin. It is very good on the classic rock and mild distortion, even at higher volumes for such a small amp and it doesn't sound tinny. Clean is good, if you push it past 5 it will give you a distortion that is kinda neat, like the crunchy rolling stones sound. It is not a noisy amp.


I am sure this guitar would withstand live playing. The amp is just for the bedroom, great for a hotel room if you are like me and have to travel a lot in your job. They are both solid and dependable. After 1 year, of moving around all over the place in all kinds of climates and being banged around, they are still in excellent condition.


General Comments

Been playing 40 years or so. Have this setup, but also have several Marshall and VOX Amps, several Fender Strats and Telecasters, one Epiphone Les Paul and one Gibson Les Paul that my dad bought back in 1959 and passed on to me. Have a bunch of acoustics. This is my travel setup. I like it. Best thing out there for the money.

Reviewer's Background

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