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Sound Quality

I use this to get an upright type of clean sound with my Fender precision (with Duncan quarter pound pickup) and SWR workingman's 15 combo. It works so well even though it isn't voiced for bass. This pedal is not the same sound quality as my friends $300 Fulltone chorus, but I paid much less than that, and it gives the bang for the buck.


I change all my batteries before a gig, so I've never had any trouble with it. However, if you leave the battery in it too long (about 3 months for me) then the switch will not work and the effect will not work. But hey, common sense here.

General Comments

I play everything, and use this for everything when it fits the song. I've played bass 2 years, and guitar for about 6 months more than that. I own many other pedals (think not shoebox, more like closet) and this is always on my pedalboard. I would buy one of these again if it were lost or stolen, or perhaps save up a little extra for the boss ceb-3. It would depend on how many gigs I had. This just has a great sound. Musically, I love it. If you want a good low cost chorus, this one's for you!

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