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Sound Quality

Here's the grain of salt to take my opinions with. I have been playing the guitar for almost 23 years now, and I have made my living at it for 11 of those. I am rating this as an EFFECTS PROCESSOR, NOT A PRE-AMP. IMHO, the distortion sounds on this unit (as with almost all digitech gear) really blow. They are sloppy, thin, and lazer-like (not in a good way). The clean/semi-clean sounds are just okay - no brilliance (ie: not going to touch a Fender Twin, etc). I am a firm believer that tone is derived in the pre-amp section of the amp, and, no matter what it says on the face of this unit, it is not a true dedicated "pre-amp", it is an effects processor. Whew, glad that's out of the way. I have the 2101LE w/ the dual s-disk and Artist upgrades. I do use the C1 and the usual guitars (Fender, Gibson, Gretsch) in a rig with a Mesa TriAxis, 2:90, and assorted cabs. I actually prefer to drive midi with the C1 and midi control in the 2101 over the Mesa Abacus. With some tweaking, it is amazing. I have used this rig in the studio many times and it has credit on at least one current top 40 hit (as of Sept. 99). Some producers actually have preferred it over Matchless, Vox, Fender, and Marshall rigs that I have, and specifically request it on certain sessions. It is extremely versital, easily programmed, and gives me "total recall" and archiving ability. If I find a sound that a certain producer of artist likes, I archive it on my computer and load it back in before any sessions/ gigs with that producer/artist. It has become a part of the rig that I use almost exclusively for live gigs and I LOVE it. The compressor is a smack-machine. It has unbelievable pop to it. Which is perfect for country and funk. Once again this rating is as an EFFECTS PROCESSOR AND MIDI CONTROLLER, NOT A PRE-AMP.


I do have a back up simply because of digitech's less-than-pristine track record, but I have never had to use it...better safe than sorry.

General Comments

I play all kinds of music -- mostly Rock, some Jazz, some A/C, and as little country as possible (and still make the car payment - in Nashville) although my primary gig is a "new country - 80's rock" kind of thing. Granted, I have almost 5 years of programming this beast under my belt, but there is not a fully-programable guitar EFFECTS processor that can touch it. Once you make it over the worst of the learning curve, it's really quick and user friendly. I have played the new 2112/2120 and was extremely disapointed in how many features they have changed...Digitech really screwed things up with their "up-grades" to the 12 and 20. I guess everyone's catering to the "plug and play" bozos.


Because of endorsement hassles, I cannot officially endorse this product with my name. But I am on the road a lot and would be happy to answer an questions I can at my generic hotmail account.

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