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Sound Quality

I use mostly guitars with humbuckers in them, but i think any guitar will sound good on this preamp. i play a wide variety of styles from jazz to rock. i rated it an 8 because the cleans could have been a little better, but the distortion is so versatile!! you can have two presests, both with the same overdrive channel on, and one could sound like a fusion like lead tone, and the other can be like that thrash pantera sound. so its actually really cool how you can get a lot of different distortions out of this preamp.


i never had a problem with it, but i've heard people say that the tubes burn out pretty quickly. also some people said that the tubes barley do anything for this preamp. i dont know if this is true, but either way it still sounds fantastic.

General Comments

I realize i did not rate any of the catagories with a 10, but i still think this is a great unit. if it were stolen, yes i would get another one, because the overdrive is so versatile, and sounds great. as far as the clean goes, i've used the clean just from this amp for a while now, and its usuable, but there are still a lot other cleans out there that are a lot better. that's why i am planning on getting a combo with a good clean channel, so that i can run this preamp through the effects loop of the combo, strictly for overdrive only.

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