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Sound Quality

My setup has drastically changed since I owned (and sold in a bone-headed decision)this Quad, but to my ears, and given all of the crappy gear I've used through the years, that unit is very sonically addictive, I can't phrase it any better than this. I used it on vocals and guitars, it plain enhanced everything, to a point where I actualy preferred the processed signal to the dry signal (told you I've owned some crappy gear!). The sound quality was good enough for me to try and find another one via Ebay!


My previous Quad never let me down!

General Comments

Overall, this piece of gear can be the cornerstone of any home recording studio or live gear. The Quad is versatile and sounds great, why oh why did Alesis go and discontinue it? Why oh why did I go and sell mine!?!?!


I guess I'm not the only one who makes bone-headed moves! I am still hopeful to find a used Quad that doesn't go for an arm and a leg (since discontinued gear always asks for a premium ...) which would be a welcome addition to my home-studio setup!

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