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Sound Quality

dont know havent bought yet BUT IF YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE HISS LISTEN UP!!!!!!!!! its not the pedal that is hissing it is your guitar. especially on single coil guitars. thats where most of this hiss comes from. you probably get less hiss if you turn the volume on the guitar off. Maybe it is just the pedal, but if the guitar leaks sound then all this pedal is doing is boosting the volume of the hiss, just like if you turn the volume up on your amp its louder. again i dont know if its the pedal or the guitar, there could be somethign in the pedal, but it could be the usual noise that any setup can produce, just louder. someone screw around with settings and post here


duh its boss

General Comments

apparently it is fine in a loop. for people like me it would be very nice to shape up my guitar, for like when i want a really edgy sound (gibson sg soapbars, really can get warm)


knowing boss id say its a good pedal, but also considering, i probably wouldnt use it on stage. i would get a rack unit or something (unless i just wanted something to give a funky sound like boost all the mid-trebs up for an awful sound at the touch of a box)

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