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Sound Quality

I bought this one from a guy who did the 808mod for me. plugged in en whooowww,this was the sound I was looking for. I use to rely on a Boss bd-2,but the tubescreamer kicks boss' asse. To me,it's not a real distortin,but a booster.and I think you need to have good equipment before you can benefit from the tubescreamer


well'they call it a tank. I think if use it in a normal way,it will last a long time.

General Comments

well,I play blues/blues rock and that's this pedal cup of tea.

I've been playing for 14 years,use a reissue 62'strat (made in USA),a fender BJ,danelectro cool cat,danelectro spring king,vox wah wah and ,yep this tubescreamer

Well,I love the sound i can get from my setup.

I would certainly buy one again if lost or stolen. They are CHEAP and sound amazing

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