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Sound Quality

I give it a perfect ten for being the shitties effects pedals I've ever known. I like to use it to destroy the end of a song. There are a multitude of sounds you can get out of this thing. All such sounds are wretched. Its hard to get the same nasty sound twice(either that means i'm to undisciplined/lazy to play with enough regularity or it is a magically irrational machine that taunts me find a way to use it in a way that i get consistent results).<--(i dunno)It makes chaos happen so i just use it for that. I wish i could make it stop feedbacking sometimes,(it likes to make this earbleeding high frequency sizzle) esp sense this happens on 90% of all settings. It doesnt fit with my other fx cuz I have to adjust everything so it doesnt hurt my ears. It is so horrible it frustrates me trying to use it for something. The beauty is it so trashy it sykes me out and I go apeshiton the guitar.


I will never trust any shoddy made dod pedal, but I give it a 2 cuz it isn't dead yet.

General Comments

Go and find one it will {censored} everything up. At the store they wanted a $100 for it but i just played on it for a couple hours and then they knocked off half the price. They said they wanted to get rid of it real bad. So now its my gremlin and i feed it after midnight every night with a glass of water.

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