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sg player_1

epiphone Valve Junior Tube Amplifier Head

Sound Quality

i play sgs. i have a standard and a faded special both stock. they both sound awesome through this amp. the variety of tones i can get using the guitar controls and the amp volume is fantastic. i have a mesa rectoverb 50 and a lonestar special. i got this because it was cheap and only 5 watts. this valve jr, to my ears sounds better than both of those amps for what i like. gritty tone that will overdrive w/harder attack. harmonics just bloom out of this thing. to be honest i dont really miss not having reverb and such. i like how this is just pure. this is how guitar is meant to be played. with the volume up all the way on the amp and my sg faded on the bridge pickup i can get some of the most articulate distortion. lots of bottom end w/slamming mids and non piercing highs. i by the way am playing this through a marshall 1x10 extension cab from my marshall micro stack. i am going to buy the 1x12 that's made for it soon.


seems very well built. i do wish it had a standby to preserve the tube life but oh well. it was 129.00 us dollars and i can replace the tubes if needed. i really like the sound of the stock tubes and will not be changing them out anytime soon. it does not seem to be weak in construction in any way. i've only had it a short time so we'll see.

General Comments

i've been playing for around 9-10 years now and have really come to love the class a sound. i really like to get any distortion from the natural tube overdrive and speaker breakup. it pisses me off that this amp is so cheap. when i think of the thousands of dollars i spent looking for this tone. i had an orange rocker 30 that i liked for this same reason but you had to turn it up way too loud to get the overdrive and it was over a grand.

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