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Sound Quality

I use this chain: Amp > Delay > Chorus > Boss GE-7 > Metal Zone > Guitar It can be noisy if you boost your lows but nothing that bothers me. I find that the same settings sounds great at almost any amp. I use a Randall head with Behringer 4x12" cab. I can get the Metallica and Pantera sound pretty easy.


It's a BOSS, it doesn't break. Just bring an extra 9V battery or an adaptor and you're set. I'd gig with any BOSS pedal without backup.

General Comments

I play Metal and i use this settings:


-4 -4 +5 +4 +12 +12 -4



+10 +3 -3 -7 -3 +6 +6


An EQ is useful for any music style so I can almost garantuee that you have some use of an EQ pedal. This is a great one.

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