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Sound Quality

I bought this pedal because I heard it was one of the heaviest pedals ever. I play lofi rock and I've used a Grunge pedal in addition to a RAT for normal use for years - not because it sounds good you understand but it gives an uncontrollable noise to get a wall of noise for occasional freakout bits. It sounds horrible. Which is good. I heard that this was totally out of control and like a Grunge on 11. I expected this pedal to be heaver than a grunge ie: total sonic Armageddon in a box. I was disappointed. It's pretty loud and it's louder than the grunge pedal. But it's not as distorted and it's got that scooped mids sound I hate. I guess I was pretty stupid to expect more from a pedal called metal X, but it's been released under different names too (Corrosion, Big Pig). It probably is one of the heaviest pedals ever but no mids mean a lot of the distortion and power is lost. You can adjust the highs and lows but there are always no mids with this pedal. Grrr. The pedal is noisy and has a nasty synthetic sound that will work well for industrial and metal. This pedal is for METAL. If you are into Marilyn Manson and all the nu metal stuff you'll like this pedal. It's really distorted and has no mids whatsoever. It gives that chainsaw guitar sound or a wall of noise. But there's no mids and this means I don't stand out with a band. I personally don't understand why anyone would want to scoop the mids. But whatever floats your boat I guess.


It's DOD which means footswitch problems agogo. It's basically reliable but you'll have to fix things with your soldering iron. It's always small things that go wrong you can fix yourself. Bizzare 10 v power supply.

General Comments

This is a really distorted pedal for nu metal. I'm not into metal and therefore I didn't like it. But you might want to consider this if you like all this seven string music and are just starting out. It's not the sort of thing you will use when you get to be in a professional band though, you'll want a big stack of amps. But it will more than do for playing the Beautiful People in your bedroom.


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