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Sound Quality

This little guy is amazing! I read all the reviews and was a little skeptical, but I found no way I could go wrong for $99.99. This 5 watt Class A baby cooks. I play a homemade tele-type thinline with Texas Special pickups through it. I don't need anything else. I leave the tubescreamer, the chorus and the delay in my equipment bag and plug the guitar direct. The blues sound I get is just beautiful. I run the amp through a homemade cab with one 8 inch Fat Cat speaker. The speaker is made by Charlie Powers of Guitar CPR in Fairmont WV. Great speaker! Charlie really knows his stuff!


So far, so good.

General Comments

I've been playing for almost 37 years. I own 2 tele types and a les paul special-type that I built, they all sound great through this amp. My stage amp is a Gibson GA15 with reverb. This puppy sounds almost as sweet as the GA15. At low volumes, it's sweeter. If something happened to this baby, I'd buy another without batting an eye. It's truly the first time I have been able to afford a backup amp that gave me the sound I want.

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