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Sound Quality

This unit has many effects and you can arrange these effects in almost any order. The compressor is not bad, but not great either. The distortions sounds kind of synthetic, bot like raw distortion from a amp, but overall, and after some tweaking of the EQ you can get a good sound. You must tweak the effects a lot. More than you can ever dream of. Expect at least an hour of editing per patch before you get the exact sound you are looking for. If you are a great musician and know how each effect sound be set in proportion to another, then you can get good sounds fairly quickly. I play a 77 Telecaster Deluxe w/ two humbuckers and a real Les Paul and a Tex-Mex strat. I play every type of music possible except that disco stuff, country, and pop music. I run the left and right outputs direct into the soundboard w/ a poweramp. No more lugging around half-stacks and stuff. Running direct gives you a different sound than an amp, but both have advantages and disadvantages. But overall, this has a good sound. Worth buying.


Put it in a rack case and you will have no problem. Take care of your equipment and you'll never have a problem.

General Comments

I'm a musician. I'm never completely satisfied. I've owned and still own a Boss ME-30 a Digitech RP3 and an old Ibanez processor. Multiple amps and i still use all of my stuff. I wish it had flanger and phaser, but i can live w/out that. i'f you a a serious gigging guitarist, plan on getting a good reverberator b/c the reverb is the weakest effect. I try not to use it unless i have to. i chose this one primarily b/c it has good sounds and b/c it came with the MIDI floor controller. The floor cnrtoller make the unit worth every penny. this is the best i've found, unless you buy Rocktron processor, but that's a ton of $$

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