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Sound Quality

I have used this with differnet styles of instruments with totaly different sounds. In all cases the sounds have been good. Etherwave Theremin - gives a richer almost haunting sound. Since this is a touchless instrument the effects can be very subtle but helps to make the theremin forgiving and more rewarding. The special effects, which sound silly with guitars become quite effective here. Chapman Stick - Sound is good with any settings. As a hammer instrument effects are not as pronounced unless I notch up the sensitivity. Steinberger Guitar - This is where the 9002 struts its stuff. It was designed for an instrument that is going to have a sharp attack, be it pick or pluck. Special effects are rather silly sounding here and vendor could have done better. Sound has always been excellent for me no matter what I've played it through. Very clean with no added noise. Played it through Crate amps of one type or another.


I have the same complaint as everyone else. Battery burn is a bitch. Bought it new and dealer mentioned unit doesn't charge batteries very well, even had someone who could fix the unit for me if I wished. Didn't take him up on it. Stupid me. Unit itself has been very reliable. Only functional issue is a brief pause (less than half a heartbeat) when selecting between patches. Has a very nice feel to it. Even though it is plastic it doesn't feel cheaply made, very durrable. Dropped it once on a hard floor, didn't seem to bother it at all. Other than the battery issue I've had no problems.

General Comments

Bought the 9002 almost on a whim. Didn't know much about it at the time. Store owner recommended it to me. Hooked it up and I was sold. Never regretted buying it.


Taste in music: rock, alternative, progressive rock, fusion, jazz.


Haven't really played much in about a year and was going to sell the 9002. Checked it to make sure it still works. Couldn't stop playing with it then and realized I'm not going to part with it, even if I'm not gigging or recording. Too nice of a tool.


The display and button layout makes a lot of sense. Everything is right where you need it.


I like its compact PDA size.


Battery death is the biggest annoyance. Since they don't seem to work anyway and it takes up over a 1/3 of the unit they could have dropped it from the design and made it even smaller.


The on/off button is tiny. Would rather have a rocker switch or push button something you can easily see and feel.


Don't like the slight delay when selecting between patches.


Volume switching between patches can be annoying. Most of the pre-set patch firmware volumes are different so when you switch patches the volume will jump up or down IF you touch the volume slider (so don't touch the slider). Really don't know how they could have designed around this since the slider is a physical switch and the firmware isn't. Alternatives would be to have the volume jump as soon as you switch patches, which would be more annoying, or to not have pre-set volumes, which would be worse.


Yes, I would replace it if stolen or lost.

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