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Sound Quality

Ugh. I've tried this with various other pedals, and with a bass, a guitar, and a Farfisa, with amps ranging from a blown out 30 year old practice amp to a nice, new Ampeg 100 watt bass amp. Sounds terrible and feeds back through everything, sounds especially bad with a bass. Zero variation of tone.


Cuts off and feeds back unpredictably. Gigged with it, got pissed off and bought better pedals for less.

General Comments

Better pedals are available for the same price or less. Like I said, I've tried in on multiple instruments and with many other pedals and couldn't get anything but hair-metal style distortion. Since I'm not big on playing guitar god, it's pretty nauseating. I play what could best be described as 60s-inspired screaming no-fi noise funk and have no use at all for this pedal, and I even tend to like cheap gear that's prone to malfunctioning. My $15 Rogue Distortion pedal has never fed back and gives me a range from sludgey fuzz to bright wannabe metal king distortion. This DOD pedal just does one thing, and it doesn't even do it well. The sad thing is I tried out almost every distortion or fuzz pedal at the local guitar crapatorium, trying to find something close to a Big Muff, and it was the best one I could find there. I never would have bought it if I hadn't had a $50 gift certificate and needed a distortion pedal. It seems like most pedals are designed for 14 year old kids with mommy's money who want to sound like (insert name of trendy metal band). After all, that's probably about 90% of the market, anyway.

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