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Sound Quality

If you're a beginner, or if you don't have money, or ...you're deaf, then this box is for you. I don't own it, my friend just left it for me to test-drive it. But hell, each test is step-by-step process, so - from right to left: 1. Wah pedal - noisy, doesn't sound like wah at all, produces some scratching noise, that's it 2. Compressor - not that much of sustain, even less of gain and only palpable on setting "10" 3. Distortion - only settings "20"-grunge and "60"-grunge thru simulator can be named as distortion. But they sound so electronically, that makes me puke. GET DOD-FX86 or DAN ELECTRO FAB TONE!!! I've been playing Death/Black/Heavy Metal for seven years - THERE IS NOTHING OUT THERE BETTER THAN THESE TWO BOXES!!! 4. EQ - It works mostly for High and Mid. Low are not really efficient. 5. Detune - I could get some cool sounds (My Dying Bride, Anathema, Gorefest solos), but all was in vein because of screwed-up distortion coming in. 6. Tremolo - Useless for me, but it works. Can't really rate it. 6. Chorus - This is one of the weakest parts of the box after Distortion. It works mostly like Flanger - you can't just get 3D effect, you will hear sweaping of frequency every time you strike more then 2 sec note. It sounds O.K. w/o distortion.



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