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Sound Quality

I play a two Peavey guitars through it and they both sound glorious. One is a Predator Plus (single-single-hum) the other a Firenza with P90sNot an amp for metal enthusiasts. It could be with the right pedals in front of it. More of a "tone" amp. Makes me want to play on.


Don't know about this one yet. I have owned Peavey products and have found them to be extremely robust and trouble free. I have now woriies about this amp. I aways have my Sansamp GT2 or Morley JD10 in case I need a back up.

General Comments

I have been playing 25 years. I think this amp is the one. I can't count all the amps and guitars I have had. It's a sickness. Anyway I have a couple of axes and an amp now that really speak to me.

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