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Sound Quality

I use it with headphones mainly and it sounds just like every artist tone I try emulating. Tony Iommi from the 1st album upto the present, Randy Rhoads on Tribute-perfect, Ritchie Blacmore Live Rainbow, Robin Trower & Hendrix with alittle help from avibe unit of course, Scorpions, Metallica, hell they're all in there. If ya now what you're doing. Very flexible sound wise. Built in Noise gate so..... not an issue. 3 OD/Dist that can emulate anything you've ever heard. When I do use an amp it's Marshall ,of course. Don't like the wah at all, its in the wrong point in the chain.


I ve used mine for 8 yrs. No Problems. I'm sure the internal lithium will need replaced soon though, not an issue. All presets are backed- up via sys-ex.

General Comments

Blues -Trower& Hendrix. Metal-Metallica, Sabbath, Rhoads, Clean mellow sounds are wonderful also. I've been playing for 25 yrs. and have pretty much gone through every effects scenario thru the years. From a super pedal board that had 30 effects boxes on it in 2 loops that was the size of small car to 20 space racks with pedals stashed & velcro'd to the rack pieces in the rear to get sounds this 1 little Pete Cornish type unit gets and more. The only bitch I have onit is the burp when switching between 2 programs its not seamless, so in live situations it may not work for others out there. 'm very picky on that 1 point so it gets blasted in rating for it. Otherwise its great. Not for soeone whois not familiar with dialing sounds using a parametric EQ or doesn't know what reverb parameters are and what they do. So it's really not for beginners or the ignorant dummies that have the typical guitar players mentality. i>e. -3 pedals with 4 knobs apiece would be too much for the small brained inexperienced at dialing in sounds. You know who you are. But if you can sit in front of a rack of some hi-end Lexicon, Roland, Symetrix, etc. rack pieces and dial in exact sounds like you would in a studio situation, then this is no problem for you.

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