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Peavey Delta Blues 210 Tube Amp Combo

Sound Quality

This amp...is the greatest sounding amp I've ever played. Really. I've owned marshalls, vintage tube amps, modern solid-states, and tonewise, this thing blows them all away. The overdrive is just thick and tasty, classic tube crunch...it definately doesn't remind me of the "delta blues", which I always associate with acoustic stuff...but VERY classic blues-rock. Like Cream perhaps. I used to go thru an old Tube Driver pedal, but I've since ditched it and go direct. I play all sorts of guitars thru it...primarily a telecaster with hot-rodded pickups, but also a les paul and semi-hollowbodies, and they all sound great. The clean channel is fairly good too, but I rarely use this so I'm not the best judge of it. My lap steel sounds fine through it - not super-super clean like a steel should, but clean enough for me. Sometimes I crank the reverb and strap on my Tele to get nice surf-music tones. You can't really do a sharp metal tone with it, but hey, right tool for the job, eh? When I was shopping around for amps, I got discouraged...I didn't really care for most of the amps I was playing, including Fender twins. I plugged into this amp because I liked the look of it, and knew in five seconds that this was the amp for me.


I've heard that some of the earlier models had problems with the tubes falling out. I've also heard that it's since been corrected. I've had mine for a year, trekking it back and forth to jam sessions about once a week, and I've yet to have anything go wrong with it at all. One concern is that the tubes are in position fairly unsheilded from the elements, so I can see how it would be easy to damage them. But, it ain't happened yet.

General Comments

I know this review has already been gushing, but I just can't say enough good things about the amp. It looks great, sounds fantastic (I get complements from non-musicians on the tone), and is plenty loud enough...for larger clubs, you can just mike it or add another cabinet. I recommend it to anyone shopping for a classic blues-rock sound. Everyone I know who owns one rates it around as highly as I do.

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