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Sound Quality

I play metal (emperor, dimmu borgir, morbid angel, etc, etc) and I’m using an esp-307 with an emg 707 in the bridge. Initially I wasn’t too impressed with the sounds of jmp-1, too brittle and harsh for me. I preferred the distortion of my digitech 2112. But after using the unit for a longer time I would have to agree with a past reviewer that said it is not for bedroom levels. When you crank up the jmp-1 everything changes, it has a rawness and cut that is amazing. Most pre-amps I’ve used in the past have a muddy quality to them almost as if they’re running a speaker emulator on all the time (which they weren’t) and even the 2112 which I thought was pretty good at louder volumes pales in comparison to the rawness and cut of the jmp-1. It does exactly what I want, the sound of a cranked head with the versatility of a rack setup. String definition is what I’m after, at bedroom levels this isn’t really an issue but when you start to get louder that’s when most problems arise. With the jmp-1 that’s when things get better! I’m not sure how it compares to emulating the sounds of other marshall heads but it is perfect for me. I tried using it with the eq of 2112 but I actually prefer using the jmp-1 by itself with the 2112 just for effects. The clean channels seem fine to me. I don’t use them much though but when I have played on them they seem very warm. For the people saying the cleans suck and are lifeless, maybe this is where the power-amp issue comes into play. As for the tube and solid state comments that are being made, all I can say is that if it is solid state then it still sounds damn good. All these people talk about how marshall are mis-leading people, how the tubes just warm up the signal and it’s really solid state. Man, if I found out they put a couple of potatoes in there instead of tubes I’d still buy it, the bottom line is how is sounds not what’s in it.


I have bought this second hand and after a week the clean channels just died, I'm not sure what the problem is although I was playing around with some elaborate cabling and I might have plugged something in wrong. For the price that I paid for it which was a steal ($250 NZD = $125 USD) I’m not too annoyed, I’ll just get it fixed.

General Comments

Ive been playing for around seven years. Im looking for that elusive final rack rig and Im starting to get there.


Here is my equipment in the order that I use them jmp-1>digitech 2112 pre-amp/effects (in the effects loop of the jmp-1)> marshall 9100 tube power amp> marshall 1936 2x12 cab


Only I few things I would change if I had the option. I wish it had CC over the parameters so that you could control the gain with an expression pedal. Also a big LCD would have been nice so you could name your presets rather than just giving them a number.


I use the jmp-1 for metal and it does the job with minimal fuss, if youre thinking of getting a jmp-1 then make sure youve got a decent tube power amp to do it justice. For the price I got the jmp-1 for it was a steal.



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