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Sound Quality

here's my setup: epi lp/yamaha tele/fender strat->boss dual overdrive-->boss flanger-->boss dd-5-->boss EQ-->marshall AVT 150. this pedal is very noisy when left on when you're not playing if you are playing anything other than clean stuff because it's flanging your dead air. have only ever used this flanger though, so i don't know how common that is. this pedal is great at achieving everything from that ear-splitting shriek that adam jones from tool uses to that mellow, ethereal swirling a la the cure. i don't even have to change the settings to achieve the different sounds, just my level of distortion. because it's before distortion, the sound you're getting is really a function of how much gain your using


boss...need i say more?

General Comments

i guess you could say i play "art rock" but more on the heavy side like a perfect circle, tool with a bit of the cure.


if stolen i would replace it in a second.

a great pedal.



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