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Sound Quality

I never had a problem with the sound quality. Excellent pukey treble, but also great for filtering/slow wah effects. I was using it with my 76 Ibanez strat clone into a tubescreamer, then into a Peavey Classic 50 with the normal channel maxed out. Once I'd set those presets up the way I liked them, the pedal itself was very sensitive to where it was positioned. Great overtones. I recorded with it once and did an overdubbed cascading wah-noise type thing over the ending of a song, and it reminded me so much of the ending of Faith No More's cover version of 'Warpigs' from The Real Thing, the tones were so close.


Well, it got to a point where the microswitch was needing a real kick to turn it on/off. It's easy enough to fix it with a little engenuity, but I wish DOD could have put a higher grade switch into it. The wah isn't based on a potentiometer either- the piece of metal on the left of the rocker pedal is actually part of a capacitor, which is slid in and out of it's wedge as you rock the pedal, physically altering the value of the capacitor itself. This means the wah won't ever 'wah-out', but probably also explains why the tone is so very different from vox/crybabies etc. I've always found those wahs are too dark anyway! But that little switch... sorry, it has to get a 5.

General Comments

It's a good wah- different from the rest. Definitely worth a listen, but not for everyone.

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