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Sound Quality

I tried and tried and tried but I just could not get a good overdrive sound out of this unit, passable but very average. The delay, chorus and reveb are very good though. The eq is good and the comp seems ok but I generally don't use compresors so I'm not a very good judge. After using a Rat and Od-1 for about 20 years the overdrives just don't stand up. So if your after a unit to run along side a good overdrive pedal go for it, otherwise I wouldn't recommend it.


Made from plastic but seems like it would last if taken care of.

General Comments

I'm a working musician so I play many styles of music. I've been at it for about 20 years. I have a lot of gear but I usually use a tele or strat through a Fender 59 bassman or Vox ac-15. I borrowed this of a friend for a couple days to try out with the idea of having a simple unit where I could have a variety of patches to switch between but it didn't work out for me. I like the delay and chorus etc but hate the overdrive and distortion. Some of you do and may like the me-6 but it's not for me.

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