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Sound Quality

I am using a Peavey G-ninety guitar, Fender FM100 half stack amp, a Digitech death metal distortion (soon going to be replaced), and a Boss Flanger BF3. This pedal really does its job, it is not noisy, it do not colour or distort my sound, and when used to cut frequency's, this pedal can really help shape and control your sound. I read a lot of mixed reviews about this one and I believe some may not be using this one correctly. A EQ pedal is NOT meant to be used as a volume boost. Place the EQ pedal either last in the chain or you can put it ahead of your delay/reverb. If you place this pedal first in your chain, the noise will be too much and it will not do its job as well as it could. Some people will place a EQ pedal in the effects loop on a guitar amp. Are you using the right adaptor? Boss pedals can be noisy if a incorrect adaptor. If you are using a adaptor, try the pedal with the adaptor, then try it on battery power.


I am making a dust shield to put over the sliders to keep the dust and dirt out. I suspect that these type of pedals will probably give trouble if not kept clean. Despite the slider issue, Boss is well known for reliability. The sliders are solid, well made, and there is no sloppiness when adjusting them.

General Comments

Nice. No matter what your style or sound is, a EQ pedal can give you options and control in ways you never had before (unless your blessed with a parametric EQ device)

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