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Sound Quality

I use a Jackson guitar with active humbucker at bridge and single at neck.I have 100w Yamaha 1/12 & 80w Marshall 1/12. The unit sounds good through either amp. I play lead in a Christian praise and worship band at my church(Vineyard type music which goes from country to hard rock in style).I play mostly through our PA system. The stereo sound is great,very full.Chorus is lush and watery(spend time editing chorus its worth it,factory settings don't do it justice).The distortions are better than average(not a tube stack)but are usable.I was able to get some really fat tone from the clean tube dist. setting. Delays,Reverbs,auto wah all sound really good with some tweaking.I really liked the accurracy and ease of the tuner.(easy to see on stage).I think the unit is very servicable if you play a wide variety of styles. A little patience and tweaking can go a long way with this unit.


I've had no problems.The unit seems to be put together well. I would keep it away from other units that put off a lot of heat.I notice that the heat sink on the back gets pretty warm after an hour or so. I connected a homemade fan rack to the back of my SKB. Probably did'nt need it but it can't hurt.I use it without a backup every Sunday.

General Comments


I play Christian rock and contemporary.I've been playing for 20+ years .I have used Peavy ,Digitech,Yamaha,Zoom, and Boss processors.To me for my use this unit is my main workhorse.I sometimes patch my Marshall JMP1 into the mix (OD2 for a more metal sounding distortion)on some songs we play but mostly just my mix of patches on the SGX2000E.I would buy another one if this one passed away.I have been considering buying a Roland GR30 synth for the flute and brass sounds but I hav'nt had time to try one out yet.I like this unit.It is very versitile , midi just a plus .What do I not like about it ? The fact that ART has discontinued it. It might be hard to replace.

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