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Sound Quality

It took me a good year or two of trying different settings until I finally found what I liked...I play a lot of live shows, and you'd be amazed how differently this pedal affects sounds in different enviornments...I play a lot of heavier sounding material, and I've found that the V-shape is a little mid-rangy for me, but for some reason, when I invert the V, it makes my telecaster trough a Fender RocPro 1000 head w/ 4x12's sound like Dimebag...haha...i know what you're thinking: "a telecaster??? heavy???" yup...the GE-7 actually adds a more compressed sound to my distorion...it's orgasmic.


the thing is built like a tank

General Comments

This pedal kicks all forms of ass...I would very highly recommend it to anyone who wants an excellent sounding, reliable way to EQ their sound. I'm glad I found it new...I hate paying full price.

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