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Sound Quality

Awsome sounds from this unit. However if you do not heed the advice in the user manual it will sound crap. That is never ever ever run this unit through an amps FX loop. It was not designed for it, it is a Pre Amp and its output level and impedances are not designed to go through an FX Loop. It may even damage your amp.


Bought second hand on e bay. It is 11 years old and in immaculate condition has not let me down yet.


General Comments

I play mainly rock and blues based music, been playing for 15 years. Currently play a Yamaha RGX820Z through a Peavey Heritage VTX 2 12 Valve hybrid Amp. I plug the GSP straight into the Peaveys pwr Amp, so I effectivley my signal path is PW10 Wha - GSP 5 - 130W valve Pwr Amp. Owned lots of gear over the years and this gives me the sound I have always wanted. I would love to get a Srereo setup running though.

Reviewer's Background

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