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Sound Quality

I really like this gadget. When it came around it was very unusual to have both delay and reverb at the same time. (My KORG AX 100G still can't do this..) The ME-6 sounds good. What I miss are more modulation effects (just chorus/flanger available). It would also be nice to have one semidistorted sound. The ME-6 covers clean and full distortion sounds but nothing in between. Remember that it was made long before digital tube-simulation became popular. I have used it in all different situations. In front of clean amps, dirty amps, PA.s, through FX-loops. It does them all!


Since I from time to time don't mess with the patches, the microswitches stops working. If you tap them for a while they get going again. The ME-6 has never failed me in a live situation. It's a workhorse! I have never brought a backup.

General Comments

I have used this unit from the day i bought it 1993 up til today. It still works great. Sound good and works all the time! I got a KORG 100G. It sucked so I use it in front of my ME-6.

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