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Sound Quality

I use a Fender Squire with single coils or whatever Fender puts in the guitar, I didnt change them. I dont like Marshall's clean channel very much. Its not Fender and DEFINITELY not Mesa Boogie(but thats why its called Marshall).The second overdrive channel sounds awsome! The thing is, if you like the sound of the OD2 but not the OD1, TOUGH SHIT! You either have OD1 sound good and OD2 sound bad, or the other way around. This is a loud amp, 100 watts. The trouble is, with this one (and all Marshalls from what Im told) the sound gets better the more you turn the volume up. I love Nirvana and Bush so I go for that sound whether it be called grunge, punk-rock, rock or whatever the hell you want to call it. This is an overdrive amp so the Bush sound is easier to get than Nirvana. For that I use my trusty Boss DS-1. Without the pedal, the clean channel is extremely quiet except with the treble and midrange up high you get a faint buzzing and the overdrives give you a faint buzzing too. Most of the time when I turn this amp on I get some '50s radio station broadcasting baseball games or something, thats how I learned about Sammy Sosa and the other guy (I obviously dont care about sports much). Ive tried putting my DS-1 into the effects loop and either Im not doing something right or the amp isnt. With the box off its completely silent but when I step on the pedal it sounds like I brought a lawnmower into my room. BUT. That lawnmower dies down a bit to a weed wacker the more you turn the volume up. Since Id like to keep my hearing, i just put the DS-1 in between the guitar and the input. The sorry excuse for a manual gives you a few presets but everything on the first overdrive channel sound really scratchy an is soaked in bass.


Well, for the four months Ive had it, the amp has been good to me. Nothing ever broke.....yet. I dont gig but Im in a band looking for a new drummer so I may start soon. I bring it to a friend's house every once in a while. I wouldnt use a backup simply because I cant afford one. I dont think youd need one either unless you were gonna do an encore AFTER trashing all the equipment.


General Comments

I was fairly dissappointed considering all the hype about how good Marshall is. Maybe its just this model. Also, I was extremely naieve in picking out this amp. To me, a Marshall half stack is much better than my dad's old, and I do mean OLD, Ampeg Gemini with his piece of {censored} DOD FX board. I really would have liked to have ended up with a Mesa Blue Angel or a Fender '65 Twin Reverb or dare I even breathe on a Godly Mesa Tremoverb half stack? Yeah right!! Im only 15 Ill leave them for Gavin Rossdale and Kurt Cobain. I use my Squire and my DS-1 through the Marshall. I will soon be aquiring a MXR Micro Amp, an Electro Harmonix chorus and maybe even a Boss DS-2. Until I do, I think Marshall could have put a bit more into the amp, or at least a factory on this side of the planet, but the VS100RH is pretty good for me right now although the Mesas are ten times better sounding and better quality. Id say its pretty good for someone who is past the "Crate practice amp" stage but not yet planning a summer tour. It just dosent do that much for me.

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