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Sound Quality

just as the unit sounds at the guitar stores, it is fabulous. The six types of distortion cover all the bases and allow each player to develop in new directions of sound. All ddl's sound great and are smooth. The wah belongs in the garbage!!! Get the cry baby rack unit. when using the non-programable whammy sound weak at times when your trying to sound "normal" (dry side). Turn down the gates!!!


The unitself has seemed to funtion properly every time it has been turned on. at times it hanges on effects are decides to make weird bumps upon changes with the FC1. FC one realtime controller needs to be longer to allow a smother and more precise range of motion.

General Comments

The unit is great and I will not let it go; but I pray every time I turn it on that it well be O.K.!!!!! I maily play prog/metal (Vai, Dream Theater ...) and have found that I can get real close to most of the sound I need with just the 2101. But as noted above, it is bad business to do your higher-end customers wrong.

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