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Sound Quality

I'm using a shitty Aria Pro II guitar -> MT-2 -> GE-7 -> CE-5 (clean sounds)... Well, I'll tell you something that some guys are gonna kill me, * IF YOU HAVE A METAL ZONE YOU DON'T NEED A GE-7 *, only because you can't improve anything on the Boss Metal Zone EQ, cuz it's eq is perfect, if you put a killer setting on the metal zone and try to put your GE-7 to boost or cut anything it will sound like shit, overdistorted, or anything like that. IF YOU HAVE ANOTHER DISTORTION PEDAL, like Boss DS-2 or anyother with an really poor eq, like just one knob, you should use your beautiful GE-7 to make it sound better. I'm very happy with my metal zone sounding alone, I think GE-7 just can be used as a volume pedal, for solos, cos the EQ on metal zone rulez. is perfect


General Comments

I play metal stuff and some hard rock. Well, you should buy this box if you want to improve your clean sound or your distortion (IF YOU DON'T USE A METAL ZONE), it really rules, you know.. BOSS rules. If you already bought your metal zone, man, forget about the GE-7, unless you want a volume booster, or something like. Oh, I almot forgot, you can put a setting on MT-2 like cutting the MIDS, for those

black metal style, and then put the GE-7 to boost the mids again (FOR SOLOS), then you can use it together with the MT-2, if you don't do that, there's no use for it (again, with the MT-2 :)

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