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Sound Quality

I play mainly bluegrass, old time and flatpicking fiddle tunes. I occasionally play some country blues, and frequently toy with some classic rock. Especially Bob Seger and Neil Young. I also try my hand at some good ole fashion Travis picking. This guitar does it all.....and I mean that... True it does not have the overpowering bass of a Martin D-28, but the overall sound is just as good if not better, especially if you prefer mahogany. When you buy these things, they put Gore elixirs-light guage on them. But to me, the best option is Martin phosphor-bronze medium guage strings. It beefs up the volume and tone, and makes it sound more traditional and less new agey. Of course if you prefer the shimmery new age sound, I recommend the Gore Elixirs. All in all, this guitar is very well suited for the singer-songwriter style ala Gordon Lightfoot, but it does Neil Young VERY WELL.... And to most people's surprise, it does BLUEGRASS very well. This guitar produces a nice lonesome sound....very haunting, and I love it.


This guitar is constructed very well, and is very reliable. As I said earlier, I average about 2 hours a day on this thing, and it has never let me down.

General Comments

I have played for about 15 years. I am pretty decent. Not a professional, but good enough to bring out the best in a guitar. This guitar brings our the best in me. It inspires me, and it shows more gusto as time goes by. It has become a friend for life. Irreplacable at any cost.


I still go into music stores to play different guitars, simply becasue it is fun. I lover Taylor guitars. They have a nice crisp shimmery sound. I love Martin guitars, especially the authentic replication of the American sound that comes from them. I love Gibson guitars, and their unique character, both in appearance and sound.....


But my Larrivee D-03 is special. I love it. And I will never get rid of it. I may add other guitar to my arsenal. But this one stays.


I am always amazed when I play other guitars, comparing them to mine, and continuously come away with the impression that I like mine better. It could be a sentimental thing, I don't know, but the sound seems to impress all that hear it....even seasoned bluegrass pickers...


I have read some reviews of this guitar that were not too favorable. I have read some that are really quite good. But the truth of the matter is that the Larrivee D-03 is like any solid wood guitar. You will have some good ones, and you will have some duds. That is just a cold hard fact of life.


As for me, I found a real gem. One the best sounding guitars I have ever played, and the most versatile dreadnought I have every played.

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