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Sound Quality

I gig thru a dual amp setup for switching between sounds and sometimes combining them as well. The day I bought it I gigged with it to test it's ease of use. It was set up side by side with a TSL 100 thru a 1960A, and the peavey thru 2 Genz Benz G-Flex's. The verdict.... The clean killed the Marshall. Sorry Jim. The lead channel which I used as a basic crunch was more complex than the TSL's crunch but lack some low end than the Marshall had. The Classic seemed to have a better dynamic range. Perfect for AC/DC type stuff. I should mention that I did play with a Les Paul..Strat...Jem 777... and Ibanez artist. I really like this amp! It's not as versatile as the Marshall but it is more organic. I also use an El Diablo 100. This is a much different amp that is not really comparable since I've switched it to 6L6's. If you like early VH you'll love this.


It's a Peavey...good track record. I never gig without a BU

General Comments

If you find one of these buy it! They're cheap and if you collect amps I'm sure it will give you fond memories of early Marshall tone.

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