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Sound Quality

I setup using a MMT-8, Casio CZ-1000, DX-7, Proteus FX, Roland TD-7, Alesis DM5, and an ol' Prophet 2002. I use the last output/input for sysex Communications. I was having a confusing time during initial setup. Manual recommends you kind of Number your devices, and attach the corresponding IN's and OUT's to the relative I/O on the MX8. Simple, but I think My #1 input is freaking out, so I just shifted My IN's on the MX8 down by one to rectify the problem for now... There is a MIDI "Compander" option, you can set the ratio like a regular ol' Compressor/Expander to even out your too-velocity sensitive notes. There's also a Delay option, you can exho your MIDI Notes up to 7xm and set the delay


As mentioned before, Seems my #1 injput is on the Fritz. After I come back from vacation I will see what's up, disconnect everything and then re-connect. The studio is up on the Rearranging block anyways. I wouldn't necessarily need this on a show right now, but If I plan on using more than 3 MIDI Devices, I might toss it in the Performance Rack.


General Comments

Indispensable device, I would have to get another if swiped. Thanks for reading.



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