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Sound Quality

The best. Better than the 2112, better than the 2120, the RP-10 and the Johnson Millennium. This is, in my opiion, the best sounding unit that I have ever had the joy of playing through. I play it through a Peavey 4x12 with a Supreme 160 head.


Hasn't gone down yet...

General Comments

I bought a Line6 Ax2 212 about a week before trading it in for this unit. The Line6 was $1200, and the store wouldn't take it back for anything but store credit. I dealt with EU Wurlitzer, and when I told them I was unhappy with the amp and wanted a 2101, they told me "We don't do Digitech". So I'm stuck with $1200 store credit in a store full of idiots who can't get me what I want. Anyhow, I kept the amp, went to a DJM, traded it in (a WEEK old, mind you) for $600. We all get screwed at music stores, and this was a prime example of my Line6 suddenly being worth half as much a week later. But, my irritation went away when I plugged in the 2101, ripped out slick tone, and had the unit that I wanted. Buy this unit first, avoid my mistake. The best, most versatile, flexable preamp/processor available.

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