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Sound Quality

strats,lespauls,prs are main guitars.With the strat,clean sounds are easily reminiscent of the 80's.I have no problems getting some serious chunk with the strat.The pauls and prs guitars have a different tonality than the strat,little thicker,and not as harmonically rich,but get some serious authentic sounds.The effects loop is great for me,being able to vary from parallel to series,and THAT is the trick to the stereo outputs.If you are not well versed in programming,you can screw the sound quick.strats and marshalls,lets see,Clapton,stevie,blackmore,beck,gilmore,& i could go on and on.No one tone is right,but the right players do seem to make it work.Hell,even Gibbons uses a strat now and then.The JMP-1 isnt any noisier than the boogies.Ive used soldanos,hyped beyond belief,but still a good piece.I use a couple of old quadraverbs mainly,tho i have other processors,because they dont add that brittle high end that a lot of units add and into a boogie 395 simulclass.I agree that a tube power amp is a mandatory requirement to make any of the top preamps get ugly.I can cop a lot of artist's sounds with the JMP-1,and a handfull of my own.I have no gripes.Oh yeah,it does get a little fuzzy if you try to push the gains to 20,but for most sounds,who needs 20.Aprevious post mentioned cabs.He was right.My garage is full of cabs with different designs and speakers.Each cab has a signature sound that will certainly affect the final sound of your rig.If you dont likethe JMP-1,take several days with different enclosures with different drivers,might clear up some of the confusion about the holy grail seeking mentality i have witnessed here.


i dont use anything without some kind of backup in at least one of my racks.I have used this unit in combination with others for several years,and the truth is i havent had problems with any of them.The marshall always speaks out when i ask it.I have done much long hard roadwork,with every type of venue you can think of .From stadiums with artists,to clubs and vfw's.made a living with music for over twenty years.All in all,the reliability of gear has improved over the years,technology being what it is,and the marshall holds it place as well as anyone

General Comments

i have played literaly every style of music imaginable,and about the only style i wouldnt use this unit on is traditional country,especially with a tele,the boogies do that much better.The JMP-1 is a very useful tool.Just as a painter doesnt use one color to get their results,neither should a musician.A painter has many colors on their palette,and uses whatever works to complete their tonal variety,so should we.

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