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Sound Quality

. . . and they do not sound as good as this pedal. There's simply a more balanced bass and mid tone, and a sweeter top, than any other overdrive pedal. It sounds like a permanent part of your preamp on your amp, not a pedal. You need to use this pedal with a guitar and amp that already sound good; it won't make cheesy stuff sound awesome. It makes good equipment (and hands) sound awesome. The original Fulldrive is the best overdrive pedal made any time, any where, by anybody. There are a few overdrive pedals I haven't tried, but I'd bet money they can't beat an original 3-knob Fulldrive. Truly it is a 10.


Cast aluminum box, hand wired, top quality parts. I've been stomping since 1995 with no problems. I'd rate it a nine for construction quality. The Fulldrive 2 is made even better with a heavy sheet-steel case. No backup needed.


General Comments

If something happened to it, I'd buy a FD2 and cruise on. I wouldn't frenzy out on the web trying to find another original one. But I think it's absolutely the best, even better than the FD2. This is the real Holy Grail, not the TS-808. If you want to spend big bucks on a pedal no longer made, this is it. If you find one at a reasonable price, jump on it forthwith. I call it a 10 for "fantastic value" back in 1995, but maybe they sell for more now.

Reviewer's Background

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