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Sound Quality

sounds like a gibson plays like a gibson price of a epiphone. this guitar is stock sounds like led zep, or lynard skynard. i got it out of the box and all i did was put on a set of ernie ball super slinky and i played walk this way sounded just like areosmith through my kustom amp and ibanez super lead distortion very full robust sound with the mid turned upon my amp. i replaced the stock bridge pickup with a dimarzio super distortion because i play heavy metal mostly. i change the electronics on every guitar i get no mater what it is or how much i pay for it but this guitar didnt need it it sound great i just like the sound of good hotter sounding humbucker


i play and 84 ibanez desroyer II with seymore duncan active pickups on stage before i got this after playing my samick i retired the trusty almost 19 yearold ibanez. it will last al long as a fender or gibson with proper storage dont leave any guitar in extreme temps it with compromise the adhesive intergrity. it will last as long as my ibanez at least it will last till the finish is weathered and worn from years of on stage abuse and nicked and chiped for being knocked off the stand of droped when drunk . strap buttons are standard i use schaller strap locks levy leather strap iwould gig with this as my only guitar no problem as long as it had new strings and was tuned once with my korg tuner my strings last as long as most tooth brushes a few months of daily abuse only broke one string on stage and the strings were six mons old.

General Comments

been playing over eight years since i was twenty i own samick les paul custom flamed cherry herritage sunburst gold hardware it has bill lawrence xl 500. I also have a 84 ibanez destroyer II red seymore duncan matchig set active {metal live wire} neck and bridge humbuckers, jackson dinky reverse floyd rose emg 81 in bridge i put this guitar up against any of my guitars and any of any body i know and i know alot of guitar players put it this way when i get new pickups installed the techs are allways playing my guitar ya got to tell them to come off my guitar.

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